TRAVELLERS who set up camp at Taunton's Silk Mills Park and Ride have now left the site.

The group created an unauthorised encampment at the park and ride last weekend, but reportedly left the site on Wednesday, July 3, after Somerset Council officers intervened.

One member of the public claimed they had 'muck' thrown at their car by some of those staying at the site.

A spokesperson for Somerset Council said: "There was an unauthorised encampment on the Silk Mills Park and Ride site over the weekend and early this week.

"Our officers followed the normal legal process and welfare checks and notices were served.

"The vehicles left the site on Wednesday, July 3.

"If anyone needs to report antisocial behaviour they should do so by contacting police on 101."

Travellers have caused disruption at the site several times this year, and Somerset Council has committed to spending £125,000 to combat the issue.

Somerset County Council made changes to Silk Mills' sister site, the Taunton Gateway park and ride, in 2019 to deter travellers, including the installation of “physical features to block access”.

Somerset Council (which replaced the county council in April 2023) confirmed in May that similar measures will be put in place at the Silk Mills site.

A council spokesman said: “The work is included in our capital spend this year to ensure the potential disruption and clear-up costs which sometimes occur can in the long-term be prevented.

“We do not have a time-scale for installation as yet.

“The proposal is for measures similar to those on the Gateway park and ride site which include low-height barriers that caravans and camper-vans cannot pass under, along with a combination of bollards and boulders to prevent caravans being driven over kerbs into the main parking area and the central grassed area of the bus turning circle.

“We will also be providing a new secure entrance and exit for our minibuses based on the site and new main gates.

“Depending on the length of stay, it can cost between £350 and £500 to clear up following an unauthorised encampment. This work is carried out by council staff.”