LANGPORT is the latest town to go plastic bag free thanks to £1,000 donation from O2’s It’s Your Community Awards.

Langport’s Transition Towns effort was awarded the cash to help create sustainable cotton bags for shoppers.

Transition Towns are community led initiatives aiming to raise awareness on climate change, low energy consumption and sustainable living.

Phil Edge from Langport’s transition group said: “It’s Your Community has helped Langport launch its plastic bag free campaign and been a real boost to provide a sustainable alternative. “We are also using some of our award money to create a display to take to other towns to spread the word on what we have achieved in Langport.

“Making a difference doesn’t have to be hard work, so watch this space because our next plan is to produce our own renewable energy from farm waste!”

Katie Hyson from the Conservation Foundation and one of the judges for this O2’s award scheme said. “The It’s Your Community ‘Green and Clean’ category was created for projects just like this and helps to ensure people have the opportunity to improve their local area for the benefit of the whole community.

“We want to build a network of projects across the country that collectively makes a difference and Transition Town Langport is doing exactly that.”

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