AN Exmoor event rider jetted off to America on Saturday courtesy of star pupil and Queen of Pop – Madonna.

During her stay Daisy Trayford, from Timbersombe, will be helping Madge train for the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.

The 27-year-old built up a friendship with the popstar after selling her two horses from Exmoor Eventing – a horse sales business she runs with her husband Richard.

“One of her assistants found our website at a time when Madonna was looking for horses. I picked out a bunch to take for her to try and she kept two on trial and decided to purchase them.

“She then asked if I could go over to her Wiltshire estate to help her get going on them. Our relationship grew from there.”

Daisy said the 50-year-old is a model pupil, saying: “She’s brilliant and always happy and incredibly driven. She’s just kind of normal I think.

“She’s very ambitious and committed to whatever she’s doing, whether it’s her riding or singing.”

“I enjoy pushing her because she’s always looking for a new challenge. As a professional rider you’ve got to be driven and committed and she’s all of that with her profession. She’s never let me down and vice versa.”

However, Daisy admitted that she was not always so confident around the multi-millionaire.

“To start with I felt a little bit nervous because horses are so unpredictable and they don’t care who’s on their backs. But she’s a good rider and very confident so I’m over that now.

“If she does something wrong I’m more than happy to tell her off!”

Now Daisy, who has been coaching Madonna for nearly two years, has enjoyed a taste of the highlife thanks to her new showbiz pal.

“I have been to lots of parties, had Christmas drinks and even went to Madonna’s 50th.

“Me and my husband got the best seats in the house at her Wembley gig and got to sit next to Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. I also met Penelope Cruz, Naomi Campbell and Kate Hudson.”

“She doesn’t actually mix with lots of A-listers but I’ve met her sisters. She’s good friends with Gwyneth [Paltrow] and I’ve met her at a couple of parties.”

Daisy will spend two weeks in Florida while husband Richard takes over the reins of their business.

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