THERE have been some strange goings-on in the night sky over Priorswood in Taunton this week.

On Monday at about 6.30pm Jane Nadoll reported seeing an orange light as she left work at the St Augustine of Canterbury School.

She said: “I glanced up and noticed an object slowly moving along at what I believe to be the height at which a light aircraft or helicopter would be - the difference was that it seemed to be glowing/pulsing.

“After a short time, it changed direction briefly, then moved back on to the original course, then changed direction and flew north in the direction of the Blackdown Hills.

“As it drew away, we noticed that it was glowing red, like a comet.”

Equally stumped was Sue Hardie, who noticed a strange light in the sky when she was in nearby Rochester Road the following evening.

She said: “A light was coming across the sky like a plane, quite low travelling from south to north.

“All of a sudden, after watching for 20 seconds, it stopped and wobbled, split in two, one light shot down and disappeared, and burned out, and the other one changed direction and headed off and its lights went out.”

*Has anyone else noticed anything unusual in the sky – or do you know what it was that caught Jane and Sue’s attention? Leave your comments below.