AS a Cornwall county council highways employee, I have to disagree with what the Skipper wrote last week about the council newsletter called Homepage.

The Skipper claimed last week that Homepage is a printed magazine - this is only the case when it is distributed to the very small number of council employees without access to computers, so printing is necessary; how else does the Skipper propose they read it? Some of my colleagues who work on the roads never get near a computer, the printed version is the only answer.

In the Skipper's column, he talks about the election news that Homepage carried in its May edition and he seems to believe that the local press had covered the council election already. That assertion is quite wrong, as the coverage of the local elections in the local press was actually quite woeful. Anyone reading the Packet would have been forgiven for wondering if an election had ever taken place, such was the minuscule space devoted to it. After checking my emails, the Homepage election edition was actually out before the Packet in the week following the election. And was it not the Skipper who recently claimed that County Hall was under the control of the officers? Why is he not welcoming efforts by the council to inform their staff of election results. There is no pleasing the man. The Skipper also say that Homepage is self-promotion by the senior staff. I believe this to be inaccurate. To my knowledge, and unless something has drastically changed, Homepage is edited and controlled by a committee of normal staff from each department in the county council. Did the Skipper check any of his facts before writing his column last week? I think he'll find that almost every public (and a very large number of private) organisations all produce staff newsletters. Like so many other occasions the Skipper has picked a target and twisted the truth to such a degree to make it seem like it is a complete demon when the reality is far different. Why is that this local man of mystery is unable to tell the truth - does it not make such a good column for his paymasters at the Packet?

Mr J Nemir, highways worker, Scorrier