POISONOUS car fumes in parts of Camborne and Redruth could be putting the health of local children at risk, according to an air pollution study carried out in the two towns.

The study, by Cornwall College on behalf of Kerrier district council, showed that people in Wesley Street, Camborne, and Penryn Street, Redruth, were breathing in levels of nitrogen dioxide, from vehicle exhausts, that exceeded government safety guidelines.

It also showed up to 33 pollution hotspots along the main road through Camborne and Redruth, from Penponds junction to Sandy Lane.

Kerrier Councillor Pat Aston, who heads the council's department responsible for the air pollution study, said: "We have to act to protect local children living in the area. If you look at the work that has been done in Birmingham, it is small children who suffer the most damage."

Roskear primary school, which has nearly 500 pupils on its roll, lies directly on the main road just past the Tesco roundabout, and the worst affected area of Wesley Street.

Official reports say taking in high levels of nitrogen dioxide from vehicle exhausts can cause breathing problems, especially in children, and can also lead to permanent damage to the lungs, in later life.

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