HOW quirky is fate? The very Iraq war which the LibDems so famously opposed won them the very limited success which they obtained at the recent local and General Elections.

Those socialists disaffected by their leader's slavish avowal of all things American could never bring themselves to vote Tory, so they voted LibDem as a protest; the result being that we are now consigned to four years of having them running our county.

The only saving grace was that the man who oversaw the imposition of (and the breaking of) over-oppressive speed restrictions has finally gone.

The fact that anyone would consider voting Labour or LibDem is a sorry reflection on the dire state of education in this country.

As for our newly-elected Member of Parliament, now that he has been elected by default, does this mean that we shall not, in future, be seeing his face leering at us from every page of the local press?

BARRY NOWLAN Fairfield Road, Taunton