I am writing this as it makes me very angry that your report on the Co-op scheme in Perranporth makes out that all the residents of the village are against the new shop. What is making us angry is the fact it is taking so long to get built. There are many more people for the shop then against.

We have been waiting many years for this supermarket to get here. It is going to bring work as well into the village and there are many non-drivers who live here and have to pay higher prices with the small shops that are here. I feel this is a case of a very few who are spoiling it for the rest of us.

So many shops have closed in the past few months, we have lost a pet shop, butchers, fish shop, and now there is a really great need for a supermarket.

If you want to report on things please find out what is going on from all sides and not just from the person you mentioned. The question you should have asked him is does he only shop in the village or does he go outside the village to shop? Some of us do not drive so are not able to shop at cheaper places.

S Stevenson, Perranporth