With reference to John Kiss and his suggestion that Tesco are not employing people aged over 50. I have just had my 60th birthday and have been offered a job in the new Tesco Extra store in Pool. I have accepted their offer and start June 7 so I think I must be one of the lucky ones and pleased with it.

Eileen Rule, Treloweth Gardens, Pool

* AFTER reading the letter from Mr J Kiss, Camborne, regarding Tesco's policy of employment for the over 50's, I felt I had to write. I too attended Tesco's open day at Pool School and submitted an application form. While I am not yet employed by them, I do have an interview for a job. My age? 57 last March. So you see Mr Kiss, Tesco does consider the over 50's.

Mrs F E Leavers, Forth-un-Ryn, Redruth