Yeovil people have been named as some of the most charitable in the country - according to research revealed by the Entertainer Toy Stores.

Compiled sales figures of ten charity wristbands - sold exclusively through The Entertainer stores in England and Wales - have shown that the nation's preferred charities to be the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Breast Cancer Research and Anti-Bullying.

Looking at the sales of the 13 main charity wristbands sold in their stores nationwide The Entertainer discovered some interesting regional tendencies.

Some towns were found to be more generous than others; Milton Keynes has donated more to Breast Cancer Research than any other town in the UK and also gave remarkable amounts to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Tsunami Appeal.

While Bristol residents also preferred these charities as well and gave 55 per cent of their total contributions through the sale of wristbands to those same three causes.

And it appeared Southampton residents adopted the the Lance Armstrong Foundation as their charity of choice with it receiving 50 per cent of the city's total donations. The Tsunami Appeal has also received a large proportion of the southern cities donations.

But generous Yeovil donated more than twice the amount that Wolverhampton and Southampton did through the purchase of wristbands - despite being only one fifth of their size!

Overall, Nottingham and the Midlands have shown a far lower charity donations through wristband purchases compared to generous towns of comparable sizes in the South and South West.

The Entertainer set up a partnership to manufacture and sell designs of charity wristbands for ten different charities as well as selling bands for the other charities such as Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Tsunami Appeal.

The Entertainer has so far raised £78,770 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and after only one month has raised £388,433 for the ten charities in their partnership. The company hopes that people will continue with their generosity in supporting these causes