The National Maritime Museum Cornwall has announced its new exhibition called 'Trafalgar - The Race Home'.

Specifically developed for the SeaBritain commemorative activities, the exhibition centres on Lord Horatio Nelson, the Battle of Trafalgar and Lieutenant Lapenotiere's race home, and opens on the July 25.

The dispatch about the Battle of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson was brought back to England by a West Countryman called Lt Laponetiere. Landing in Falmouth, he headed off by post chaise to the Admiralty in London, subsequently making Falmouth the first location in the UK to hear of the news of Nelson's historic achievement and death.

Centre piece of the exhibition will be a portrait of Lt Laponetiere, newly restored by the National Maritime Museum (Greenwich) accompanied by an imaginative hands-on game which all can play, telling the story of his travels.

Around the gallery will be other images of the Battle and the time: the story of the Trafalgar campaign, etchings of Log on to the museum's website for more information.