A row of derelict houses in the centre of Falmouth has been troubling neighbours for a quarter of a century.

The properties at numbers 9 to 13 Waterloo Road, off Trelawny Road, are two, three bedroomed terraced houses plus a former shop with a flat upstairs. There is also a property at No 18 Raleigh Place, with the same owners, which has also been empty for a similar period of time.

Neighbours have complained to councillors and the district council over the years for something to be done with the properties but they have just been left to fall into disrepair.

Council workers took the slates off the roofs of the two terraced houses a few weeks ago because they were in danger of falling off. Rain can get in, adding to the deterioration. The houses have become home for pigeons and rats and nearby residents fear the properties now pose an environmental health hazard.

* An attempt was made by the Packet to contact the owners of the properties, but no response was forthcoming.