Record-breaker Dame Ellen MacArthur could be back in Falmouth later this year.

She is to attempt the tough non-stop 3,000 mile trans-Atlantic race which begins at Ambrose Light off New York and finishes off The Lizard.

Dame Ellen captured the attention of thousands of people earlier this year when she sailed into Falmouth after her round-the- world achievement in which she broke the non-stop record.

She loved the reception she received and always said she could be back.

The trans-Atlantic record is said to be among the world's toughest to break and will be her second try, the first missing out by just 75 minutes.

The current record is seven days, two hours, 34 minutes and 42 seconds held by a Frenchman Laurent Bourgnon and has stood for more than ten years.

But it was a Frenchman's round-the-world record she broke earlier this year and there is every chance she will break another.