FAMILIES enjoying a warm sunny day out on Sunday were horror struck when Penryn was hit by freak weather conditions more akin to the tornado belt of America.

Falmouth United was playing host to a fundraising, fun day at Penryn football club, when at half time in the veteran's game a black cloud appeared over head.

Within moments, a mini tornado was whipping up glasses, rubbish and gravel into its funnel, and frightened spectators were running for the shelter of the clubhouse.

Trish Bennett, 49, who runs the Penpol guest house in Falmouth said: "A big black cloud appeared, the wind picked right up and you could see that everything was being sucked up into the air. It picked up buckets and glasses and threw them into the air.

"It lasted for about 30 seconds and then everything was dumped onto the side of the football pitch and it all disappeared.