Cornwall County Council says it is confident it can make more than £7.5 million of efficiency savings in its budget over the next 12 months.

Following the Gershon review into public sector efficiency, which set councils the target of finding 2.5% efficiency savings each year, the council has been looking at how this can be done.

Council leader David Whalley said: "In the last 12 months a group of councillors has carried out a base budget review in every department. The new administration is determined to build on this review to make the council even more efficient."

The review identified savings of £7,610,000 on the council's £510 million budget.

One of the major areas identified for savings is procurement. Office supplies are being looked at to see where savings can be made. Future areas for consideration will include the advantages of e-procurement, travel and accommodation and the use of agency staff.

Other strategies being investigated include increased home working, cutting the number of miles travelled on council business, re-organising the property section, and making better use of ICT . This will include standardising software throughout the authority, remote working and the establishment of a single call centre.

The county council is also looking at its utilities contracts to limiting the impact of increasing global oil prices.