Plans to chop down a distinctive tree in the heart of Porthleven have been opposed by town councillors.

A planning application submitted to Kerrier district council for the felling of the huge Monterey pine on Methleigh Bottoms is now understood to have been withdrawn, but the destruction of the tree may still form part of plans to develop the adjacent former Cowls Garage site.

Discussing the tree at a meeting on Friday, town councillors said they had been contacted by many local residents concerned at the potential loss of the pine, which had at least another 30 years of life left in it and was part of the port's local history and heritage.

The town council was also keen to know why a tree preservation order promised by Kerrier had never been made on the pine.

Harbour owner Trevor Osborne is hoping to develop the derelict Cowls Garage site.

An earlier planning application for a residential development on the site was refused by the district council. Fresh plans to demolish the former fish factory and remove part of a net loft on the land were submitted to Kerrier this week.

The pine, which used to double as the port's Christmas tree, is a familiar landmark in the centre of the village and residents are not expected to let it go without a fight.

Kerrier has confirmed the tree is not currently the subject of a tree preservation order, but is protected because it is in a conservation area.