Fears over the stability of a cliff face in Porthleven came to the fore when plans to build in a garden overlooking the harbour were discussed at a site meeting last week.

Local landowner Trevor Osborne is seeking planning permission for a two-storey house on the site in Harbour View.

Opponents claim the cliff behind the proposed property is unsafe and the development would spoil a green space in the port's conservation area.

At Friday's site meeting, Kerrier council officers said a report on the rock face had outlined a number of measures that could be taken to secure the cliff, including retaining walls, netting or rock bolting.

Dave Smith, the council's head of building control, said: "The structural engineer can see no problem with the cliff stability. It is highly remote that anything would happen, but a suitable restraining system designed by a structural engineer would be more than adequate to make sure, in the remote possibility that anything should happen."

Full report in this week's Helston Packet.