THE Bishop of Truro has condemned Government proposals to relax gambling laws which could allow "super casinos" to be built in Cornwall.

The Rt. Rev Bill Ind says the proposals could have disastrous consequences for the county's residents, promoting a get-rich-quick attitude.

He rejected claims by the Government that an increase in the number of casinos would not result in more "gambling addicts" and has highlighted the effect the National Lottery has had on people. He said: "People will be thinking they can get rich quick. Those who most use the lottery are those who can ill-afford to do so.

"There needs to be safeguards in place for people who do not have money."

However, Bishop Bill, who believes gambling to be a moral as well as a social issue, feels there are only a few towns in Cornwall that could sustain the presence of a casino in their community. He said: "Newquay would be the obvious place and St Austell has been suggested. There are few centres where there are likely to be enough people to make such a proposition viable."

But he hoped that "any proposals that come before local authorities are carefully looked at." Chamber of Commerce Chairman Sandra Trewhela also believes Cornwall is not the kind of area that would suit the introduction of casinos. Speaking of Truro in particular she said: "It is not the sort of image we want. Cornwall has low salary people who do not have the money to spare."

But she added: "It is up to people to decide whether they want to use them. We are becoming a nation of babying everybody."

Former mayor Connie Fozzard agrees with the Bishop. She said: "I am not surprised he has come out against gambling. Casinos will bring down the sort of people to the area that the Cornish do not want."

She fears families will be destroyed by the impact of "super casinos," believing that this once male domain has slowly attracted women through the increased use of National Lottery scratch-cards.

"This government is about pandering to the weaknesses of people. It's about time we got some standard in our lives"