IT WASN'T quite Land's End to John O'Groats but with a sack of potatoes on his back it must certainly have felt like it for one Beacon man.

Phil Smith walked the 24.2 miles from Land's End to the Beacon Pub with a 25kilo sack of potatoes on his back. It took him a mere seven hours and he raised just over £400 for Multiple Sclerosis in the process.

Mr Smith, who completed the same challenge seven years ago for the Pirate Trust, said: "I thought I'd do it again, just to see if I still could."

He said the first seven miles were the worst, because of the pain in his calf muscles and heels.

"I had a large blister on one of my heels and the bottom of my trousers was red with blood - I didn't realise at first. At first I thought it was blackberry juice.

"The first seven miles are pretty horrendous, but after that it gets better. You kind of forget about your injuries," he added.

Mr Smith said he did not do any particular training for the walk, but thought his job as a scaffolder helped as he is quite physically active.

"I don't think I'd attempt it again soon - it will certainly be another few years," he added.

The walk was part of Beacon Pub's fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis. They also held their annual auction at the pub, for which local people contributed produce, and together the two events raised a total of £1,010.

Landlord and part owner of the pub Malcolm Lobb - together with Carol Slater - said they would both like to thank Richard Greig and Mike Goldsworthy for their support, along with Mr Smith who was also auctioneer.

Mr Smith took over the job of auctioneer two years ago, after the one that was booked became ill just before the event. He stepped in and has being doing it ever since.

"It was a good night that was. All being well I shall do it next year," added Mr Smith.