PLANS to re-open a Camborne footpath have been thwarted by Cornwall county council.

Camborne town council had collected 25 signatures from members of the public, who wanted the footpath at Tuckingmill to be re-opened.

However, 23 of these were from people who lived on the footpath and these were judged to have a private right of way. For it to be re-opened 21 people with a public right of way - in other words, non-interested parties - must sign a document.

Town councillor Colin Godolphin, who is organising the project, said: "We need some more witnesses to say they have had uses for the path over the years."

The matter came up at the last meeting of the town council, at which they agreed to support the people who requested the path re-opened, once the signatures have been collected.

Camborne town clerk Reg Bennett said: "They need to get forms signed by members of the public, who need to write on a legal document they have used it as a footpath and not as access to their houses."

He said if 21 people can prove they have walked the footpath for 21 years, then the council has no option but to re-open it.

Anyone who has used the footpath for walking - but does not live on it - and who would like to sign the document saying they wish it to be re-opened can contact Reg Bennett at Camborne town council on 01209 612406, or Colin Godolphin on 01209 711356.