TRIBUTES were paid this week to popular mother of two Natasha Ann Handley who died in a four-car collision on the notorious Roseworthy Dip 10 days ago.

David Simons, head teacher at Trewirgie County Junior School in Redruth, where Mrs Handley worked as a teaching assistant, said: "We have always known her as Tash, she was a parent at the school as well as being an employee.

"She was very, very high profile as a member of the Friends of Trewirgie. She'll be massively missed as a personality. She was very, very caring and extremely charismatic - always laughing, smiling and joking.

"The children she worked with on a daily basis will miss her terribly. We just miss her as a character. Her death is a massive shock to us."

Her eight-year-old daughter Santia was in the car at the time of the accident and goes to the school. Her older daughter Rachel attends Richard Lander School in Truro.

Mrs Handley, who was divorced and lived in Redruth, was employed as a teaching assistant for 18 months but her association with Trewirgie School goes back further than that, as a friend and parent of the school.

A special assembly was held there this week to remember their popular member of staff.

"It is a measure of Tash that when I go out of the school at night I have been approached by dozens of parents who want to make donations or send flowers and cards. I have seen parents openly weeping in the driveway because of her depth of character," said Mr Simons.

Meanwhile a campaign has been launched to stop any further fatalities at the well known accident blackspot.

Andrew George, MP for St Ives and Hayle, has campaigned for safety improvements for some years and has now written to the Highways Agency requesting a review of the measures taken to improve the situation on the trunk road.

In February two years ago he led a campaign to install double white lines on the road and asked local residents and users of the road to monitor closely the success or otherwise of the package of measures then introduced.

"The possibility of two vehicles simultaneously deciding to overtake in opposite directions and using the shared overtaking lane is ever present.

"Many road users appear not to understand the priority of the use of that lane is for those travelling in an eastward direction," he said.

Mr George now wants further comment and support for his campaign and wants action as soon as possible.

There have already been calls for a central crash barrier and a speed camera has been installed in the area. But so far little other action has been taken on the road to prevent serious accidents.

A Highways Agency spokesman said they would wait for the police report before commenting on the accident.