In response to Mr Fletcher's letter (Packet, March 31) can I offer the following: On the council tax issue, not all councillors voted for the high charge now being absorbed by the electors of this district. Some of us voted for the five per cent increase but, unfortunately, the majority of councillors went for the higher rate. But don't worry it was on a recorded vote and the electors can have their say at the next election when the names and the voting there of will be printed.

Kerrier councillors get £3,000 per annum, which has been the case since the year 2000, not like the Cornwall county councillors whose pay has been doubled since then to over £9,500 a year. No wonder is it that everyone now wants to be a county councillor?

Seventy-nine councillors at £9,500, plus other perks, put the pay-outs last year to over a million pounds No wonder Mr Fletcher is griping.

On top of all this, Redruth's taxpayers pay, on average, an extra £12 a year more than the rest of the district because of Redruth town council's precept.

I love Redruth. But be honest, is Redruth any better for all these increases? Most of the shopkeepers and people I talk to in the town think councillors live in another world.

For Mr Fletcher's information, can I also say that I sit on Carn Brea parish council (unpaid) chair several charities (unpaid) cover Illogan North as well as Illogan South on planning visiting application sites, councils, etc (unpaid) and, since 1987, have done all that I've done because I wanted to help people. Money and payment come secondary to me.

Coun Tommy Bray, The Square, Four Lanes, Redruth