We are producing the third series of Wife Swap and are very keen to feature a lively and loving large family with six or more children living at home in the next series. I wondered whether any of your readers may know of such a family living in the local area.

To re-cap on how each programme works (there are six in the series), we take two families and the women of the families swap over for ten days (ie they move into the other family's home for ten days). For the first five days the wives carry out the role of the mum they have exchanged places with and follow her daily routine. Then, after five days of living by the host family's rules, each wife is given the chance to enlighten her host family with her philosophy on life and introduce some new ideas to the family.

The series is a major hit in the UK - as well as selling all over the world - and regularly reaches audiences of over six million television viewers.

Incidentally, this month it won three television industry awards. As well as being engaging television, the series offers a real insight into the different ways in which families organise parenting, work, domestic chores, how they spend their social time and their outlook on life as well as their social interests.

We often find some of our best families through other people's personal recommendations, so any help any readers could offer would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from interested couples.

Holly Challinor, researcher, Wife Swap, RDF Media, The Gloucester Building, Avonmore Road

London W14 8RF. Tel: 020 7013 4585