Running past the beautiful and very old Budock Church is a small lane that leads to a busy main road.

It is the only road, apart from the through road, that allows access to Budock Water.

In icy conditions the through road is sometimes impassable, and the importance of the small lane becomes obvious.

A very small group of people have tried to persuade the parish council to close this small lane. A scheme has been put by Kerrier district council to close some of it. The scheme is just to be seen as "doing something". It's a nonsense.

Now it has been discovered that two fields either side of the lane are, or could be, required by Carrick/Kerrier council to build a large cemetery. No plan has yet to be seen. But imagine a continuous stream of hearse and mourners entering this lane from busy Bickland Water Road. It defies belief.

I am a parish councillor and have listened to the weak arguments on Pool Lane closure for many months. It is a favourite for dog walkers. Two new dwellings have just been given the go-ahead introducing four more cars. The church people nearly all use cars and rightly so.

I am hoping that my letter will be noticed by the people of Budock Water, and will alert them to the schemes I have mentioned.

I hope they will be alarmed enough to make their opinions heard. I will gladly talk to anyone who is interested.

John Hann, Bay View, Budock Water, Falmouth