I have lived at my address for approximately 45 years (since 1959). I do not have a garage or a back entrance with car space. All the years I have resided here have been a parking nightmare.

I live between the Greenbank Hotel and the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, directly opposite the Greenbank Gardens. The yacht club has limited parking so those wishing to use their boats for a day's sailing and cannot get into their car park obviously park on Greenbank, sometimes for one day and, on occasions, for several days. Although the Greenbank Hotel has parking space immediately outside and also on the Greenbank pier, guests often park outside my house, particularly during the day and visit the hotel probably for lunch.

People using the gardens, particularly those who want to "walk" their dogs, also park on Greenbank. Worst of all are those who work in town and park their cars and walk into town leaving their cars all day.

Since my husband passed away I have not had a car. I have room for three cars which could be parked outside my house and yet when my family and friends visit me they are rarely able to park and have to walk quite a distance before arriving at my home.

I have two friends who are disabled and have disabled stickers in their car but cannot visit me as often as they would like because of the inability to park near to my house. For trades people it is an absolute nightmare as there are yellow lines on the opposite side to the house.

Since my husband died, in order to remain in my present home, I have converted the property into three flats so that I can continue to live here. My two tenants each have a car. They do not complain about the lack of parking so I would not request three parking spaces but one would be a god send and I would not begrudge paying £50 a year for this right (less than £1 per week).

Eileen M Stratton, Greenbank, Falmouth