I note with interest two recent articles regarding the deaths of dolphins and porpoises, largely caused by pair trawlers from France and Scotland.

While I am very pleased you are highlighting this important issue, I think it is worth remembering that the Liberal Democrats have been calling for restrictions on pair trawling for several years.

Indeed, Lib-Dem MP for Torbay, Adrian Sanders recently proposed a bill which would ban pair trawling off our coasts. But Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw MP was not prepared to support it.

Unfortunately, our own MP Candy Atherton has only just had a change of heart about what action is needed. In February, the report she chaired failed to call for a ban. A few weeks on, shortly after Mr Sanders' Bill, she has finally worked up the mettle to oppose her government's policy.

Such a shame she failed to do so on top-up fees, foundation hospitals and the war in Iraq.

Mr R Ring, Stratton Terrace, Falmouth