A councillor for Carharrack written answer over whether a third traveller site could be established in the village.

County and district councillor Mark Kaczmarek has been reassured verbally by Carrick district council that travellers who have bought a field off United Road, Carharrack, are not going to park caravans there.

But Mr Kaczmarek has received nothing in writing and is finding it increasingly difficult to stop residents' fears.

"I want something in hard copy, assurances from Carrick district council's enforcement team that this will not be another gypsy site, because we've got gypsy sites bordering the village already."

Mr Kaczmarek has been asking the council for written answers since October when travellers first bought the site, formerly a football field.

Initially horses were grazed there, but then the travellers formed partitions for caravans and created a new entrance to the site, which is on a dangerous corner. They moved some caravans on to the site, but these have since left.

"Carrick asked them to move the caravans off the field, but what they won't do is put it in writing," said Mr Kaczmarek.

The biggest concern of residents is that a travelling community living in the field would devalue house prices.

Mr Kazcamarek has now written to Carrick enforcement officer Alan Mason to ask for solid assurances that the field will not turned into a traveller site.

There are two existing traveller sites in Carharrack, one at The Pound and one at Wheal Jewel.

Carl Roberts, head of Carrick district council's head of development services, and speaking on behalf of Mr Mason, said officers were monitoring the situation.

"There doesn't seem to be any sign that it's occupied," he said. "In those sorts of situations we have to take a monitoring role. One of our officers drove past there earlier this week and the situation hadn't changed."