OFFICERS at Camborne have denied claims that the long-standing Troon Tea Treat festival was cancelled because the police were going to charge for attending.

Sgt Dave Aynsley of Camborne neighbourhood team said that although the police had started charging for events as part of a national policy, non-profit making occasions would not be charged by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

Mr Aynsley said that the Troon Tea Treat committee had been informed of the changes to policy and that they only had to complete a risk assessment form before the event could be given the go ahead.

"All we have to do is convince ourselves that Troon Tea Treat is safe. The committee was advised on what they had to do and this was not done.

"We haven't stopped this, police have no power to stop anyone having a carnival or street event and have never done so," he said.

Mr Aynsley said that he understood the event was eventually cancelled due to lack of public interest.

However, Tea Treat organiser Wendy Curnow yesterday said that the threat of police charges that would have totalled over £150 for the day was the reason behind the cancellation.

"It is true that the numbers have been dropping over the last few years, but the reason we originally cancelled was the charges," she said, adding that it was now too late to still go ahead with the 150-year-old tradition.

"We don't blame the police, they are only passing on what others tell them they have to do," said Mrs Curnow. "But it is a shame for the old people of the village, and I think the children will miss their Tea Treat cakes this year too."