The waters around the Helford were the hunting grounds during Easter for cockle pickers.

Trigging, as it is known locally, took part on Good Friday and dozens of cocklers headed off with buckets and forks to hunt for the cockles along the banks of the river.

The mudlfats of the estuary are well known and the tradition for trigging to take place on Good Friday, dates back hundreds of years.

This time round cocklers were given a warning from the Environment Agency - preserve shellfish and measure the cockles to ensure they complied with by-laws. Any smaller than a 20p coin had to be returned to the mud.

The glorious weather of Friday brought many cocklers out, some having been trigging with their families for generations and not missing the annual event.

A series of by-laws were introduced some time ago to protect cockles in the estuary following a number of commercial boats dredging the area which almost wiped out the stock.