X marks the spot for buried treasure this summer, as Poldark Mine opens its new attraction.

Would-be miners have the opportunity to pan for gold and search for gemstones - with the possibility of finding a real diamond.

The lucky few will receive a certificate authenticating their diamond and its size.

Polark's managing director Richard Williams, who is a Camborne School of Mines graduate, first considered the idea in Moscow last July.

"At Poldark we aim to make the experience not only enjoyable but also educational," he said.

"We obviously hope that this will attract more visitors, but also that it will help enhance and promote Cornish skills."

Mr Williams was helped in the project by fellow School of Mines graduate Stephen Lay, a Cornish mining engineer who has worked on diamond and gold projects across the former Soviet Union and South Africa.

Poldark is an 18th century tin mine, with Cornish miners involved in diamond mining in South Africa and gold mining across America, South Africa and Australia.

Cornwall became the centre for mining development with the introduction of the beam-pumping engine.

It is hoped that this further attraction at Poldark will help Cornwall achieve its bid to become a World Heritage Site.