Plans to site controversial radio masts on land at St Keverne and Porthleven are being supported by Kerrier planning officers.

Villagers in both communities have already expressed strong opposition to planning applications by Airwave MM02 for masts at Lanarth Farm, St Keverne, and Green Lane, Porthleven.

The masts are needed it is said for the new police communications system, but opponents insist they are a blot on the landscape and a potential health hazard.

Airwave's planning applications, along with a further proposal for a mast at Maenporth, Falmouth, are due to be considered by members of Kerrier's planning committee at a meeting on Tuesday.

The council's planning chief, Jon Pender, is recommending all three applications for approval.

In a report to the meeting, Airwave's agent states that erecting a mast in Porthleven is "critical" to ensuring adequate police radio coverage for the port and surrounding area.

Alternative sites had been considered but the Green Lane location, which is close to the village primary school, was considered the most suitable.

A petition signed by almost 400 people objecting to the proposal has been sent to the district council, while Porthleven town councillors have voiced concerns over the potential health risks and the visual impact of the mast.

Airwave has also investigated a number of sites in St Keverne, eventually opting for Lanarth Farm because it was "in a rural location away from residential areas".

Some 125 letters of objection have been sent to Kerrier district council and St Keverne parish council has also objected to the application.

In his report, Mr Pender says both masts have been designed to resemble telegraph poles and landscaping would help shield the associated equipment from view.

"I consider the resultant harm to the character and appearance of the surrounding area would be very limited. In my opinion, this harm would be outweighed by the benefits of the proposal.

"I fully sympathise with the objections of local residents in respect of the possible effects on health.

"However, in view of the clear Government advice and previous appeal decisions in respect of this issue, I do not consider such a reason could be defended at any subsequent appeal."