Friday night was the last points racing, of this year to be held at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. The weather was damp and the winds fickle as the competitors completed the courses set by race officer Grant Walker.

The multihulls managed to find enough wind and they almost managed to beat the committee boat back to the finish, the team having just enough time to get out the guns and hooters to finish Crackerjack sailed by Mike Webb.

Blazer V's new sails were used to good effect with the Cunliffe family crossing the line three minutes ahead of their nearest rivals, Christine and Damien Bloor in Head Hunter. However Head Hunter pipped Blazer for the series win by just two points, with Scorpion in third place.

Lennie Trenoweth finished the series with another win and this made him the series winner by one point from husband and wife team David and Emma Mantle in Robin Hood. Spinaway had also been consistently in the top placings with two wins in the series and this gave him third in the series.

The conditions were just right for Kris Hansen in Ricochet as he steamed ahead of the fleet to cross the line ten minutes ahead of Moonlighter, sailed by Paul Collins.

The rest of the fleet led in by Barrie Lukey in Asti were more evenly spaced with only six minutes between the next five boats. The win was enough to secure the series for Ricochet with Asti and Southern Comfort, sailed by Charles Choak, in joint second place.

Jezebel, the J24, was back on winning form for this last race but this was not enough to gain a podium place for the series.

Tim and Simon Carter's second place on the night gave their yacht Johnny Bravo the series win ahead of DJ, with John Peters in Just Wind taking third place.

Whilst Crackerjack had won on each of her outings she had missed a couple of races and this put her second in the series behind Alderney Race with Tickled Pink in third, although she had only raced on one occasion.

The Sunbeams are the second largest fleet at the RCYC and we had a new winner on Friday, Verony. Kitty, the newest Sunbeam, notched up another second place and this consistent effort gained him second place in the series behind Whimsey.

Tuesday sees the beginning of the joint RCYC and Flushing SC pursuit races, which take place on Tuesday and Friday nights for the next three weeks.


A Class 1, Blazer V (D/T/J Cunliffe); 2, Head Hunter (C&D Bloor); 3, Scorpion (G Davies).

D Class 1, Comet (L Trenoweth); 2, Robin Hood (D&E Mantle); 3, Spinaway (R Brown).

E Class 1, Ricochet (K Hansen); 2, Moonlighter (P Collins); 3, Asti (B Lukey).

J Class 1, Jezebel (Leary/Cooper); 2, Johnny Bravo (T&S Carter); 3, DJ (Samuels/Beeching).

M Class 1, Crackerjack (M Webb); 2, Alderney Race (C Gladwell).

V Class 1, Verony (J Nesbit); 2, Kitty (A Hayward); 3, Saucy Sally (J Lowry).

Series ResultS

A Class 1, Head Hunter (D&C Bloor); 2, Blazer V (T/J/D Cunliffe); 3, Scorpion (G Davies).

D Class 1, Comet (L Trenoweth); 2, Robin Hood (D&E Mantle); 3, Spinaway (R Brown).

E Class 1, Ricochet (K Hansen); Joint 2, Asti (B Lukey) & Southern Comfort (C Choak).

J Class 1, Johnny Bravo (T&S Carter); 2, DJ (Samuels/Beeching); 3, Just Wind (J Peters).

M Class 1, Alderney Race (C Gladwell); 2, Crackerjack (M Webb); 3, Tickled Pink (A Tout).

V Class 1, Whimsey (J Sincock); 2, Kitty (A Hayward); 3, Saucy Sally (J Lowry).