A drawing by a four-year-old girl who lives near Helston has been chosen as the centrepiece of what is believed to be the world's largest mosaic.

Rebecca Collins, from Carnkie, Wendron, was one of 15,000 youngsters nationwide who drew a picture of their mother and entered it in a competition for schools run by washing materials company Persil.

The drawings were made into a giant picture mosaic, designed around Rebecca's winning entry, which was created at Alexandra Palace in London at the weekend.

Rebecca's mum, Maria, who featured as the 25-metre-tall centrepiece of the "Big Mummy" mosaic, said she was very proud the spectacular work of art had been based around her daughter's drawing.

A former member of Halwin Community Pre-School, Rebecca was due to start at Halwin primary school this week.

Her prize-winning artwork won her family a long weekend in London and a stay at the Hilton Hotel in Islington.

The giant mosaic, which covers 625 square metres, was created as part of a marketing initiative involving Persil making available £7 million-worth of art and craft materials to pre-schools and primary schools all over Britain.