The future of Falmouth's town centre manager was under discussion again at Carrick district council this week.

The district has been asked to extend the project from October 1 this year until March 31 next year and that the current secondment of Peter Rugg as town centre manager from the council's health and housing department be continued.

The administrative assistant post is also being extended until the end of March.

Investigations are to be made into options for making the post of town centre manager less dependant on short term funding. A further report will be made to the November 26 meeting of the district council cabinet.

The department of town centre manager has been in the spotlight for some time. The first manager Nigel Hewitt helped set up a number of festivals, not least the Oyster Festival as well as helping to organise the refurbishment of the Moor and promoting a waterfront access scheme. But he lost his job when funding came to an end and at that time could no longer be extended.

Cash was found a couple of months later by which time Mr Hewitt had decided on another career and Maggie Shutt from the Midlands took up the reigns. But she resigned a few months later for personal reasons.

Carrick council who had played a major part in funding the post in Falmouth then allowed for Peter Rugg to be seconded from their offices.