THE Conservatives have taken control of West Somerset Council - but will share power with members of the outgoing Independent Coalition.

Following a meeting of Full Council on Wednesday, the following members were elected:

Chairmanship of the Council

* Chairman - Cllr Eddie May (Ind) re-elected

* Vice Chairman - Cllr John Walker (Ind) re-elected

Leadership of the Council

* Leader of the Council - Cllr Tim Taylor (Con) also Lead Member for Improvement

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Tim Taylor, made the following appointments to Cabinet:

* Deputy Leader - Cllr Chris Morgan (Ind) also Lead Member for Environment

* Cllr Kate Kravis (Ind) - Lead Member for Finance and Resources

* Cllr Keith Turner (Con) - Lead Member for Housing

* Cllr David Sanders (Con) - Portfolio to be announced

There will be up to seven cabinet posts in total - others will be named in the near future.

Proportional representation on West Somerset Council is as follows:

* 15 Conservatives

* 14 Independent Coalition including one Liberal Democrat

* Two members (one Labour and one Independent) in the Unaligned Independent group.