MILVERTON and District Garden Club held its autumn flower show at the Victoria Rooms, Milverton.

The club is to consider introducing tastings of fruit and vegetables for the first time at next year's summer and autumn shows.

Chairman Dr Peter Hutchinson said: "We feel the time is right for our committee to look into the possibility of asking the judges to taste appropriate fruit and veg, including all soft fruit, eating apples, tomatoes, beans - especially broad beans - carrots and peas."

Speaking at Saturday's Autumn Flower Show, Dr Hutchinson said that entries were up, with big increases in vegetables and apples following a dry May and June.

Flowers, fruit and vegetable judges Mike Gammon and Delphine Frecker praised the continuing high standard of entries.

Mr Gammon, who praised Milns Prescott’s “exceptional” pack of 12 quality vegetables, said: "There are marvellous runner beans for the time of year and beautiful apples."

Floral arrangements were "immaculate" with an outstanding first prize for her five flowers with foliage for Heather West.

Entries in this category were the highest for some years.

Cookery entries were praised by the judge, Janet Derrett, who said there was such talents coming through which were memorably creative and inventive.

She identified Chris Greenhow's spiced crab apple jelly as "outstanding", while his wife, Jane, won third prize in the same category.

Val Still was a winner for her courgette soup with bread which had a "lovely composition".

Maurice Sadler's photograph of snails was highly praised by the judge, Rebecca Cooper, in the "They came to visit " category.

There was a limerick category for the first time which drew 14 “fantastic” entries, with Trish Hennah winning.


Johnson Challenge Cup, most points overall, D. Smith; Baker-King Challenge Cup, most points dahlias and chrysanthemums, D. Smith; Bawler Challenge Cup, roses, D. Smith; Mansell Cup, specimen rose, P. Hutchinson; MDHS Challenge Cup, other flowers, D. Smith & P. Hutchinson; Challenge Rose Bowl, floral arrangements, B. Anderson; Baker Challenge Cup, fruit and veg, Mrs S. Biss; Norman Challenge Cup, cookery, S. Hutchinson; James Cup, exhibitors aged under six, Hector Banton; Brice Challenge Cup, exhibitors aged seven to 12, Amelia Banton; Presidents Cup, D. Smith; Public Choice: M. Priscott.


Any tall growing variety of flower: 1. D Smith, 2. R Masters, 3. P.Hennah; dahlias, 3 decorative, under 8”: 1. D Smith, 2. E Greenslade; dahlias, 3 decorative, over 8”: 1. D Smith; Dahlias, 3 cactus over 6”: 1. D Smith; dahlias, 3 cactus under 6”: 1. D Smith, 2. Lindsay Fortune; dahlias, 6 ball, 1. D Smith; dahlias, 3 pompon not exceeding 2”: 1. D Smith; chrysanthemums: 1. D Smith, 2. R Masters; rose, one specimen Hybrid Tea, 1. P. Hutchinson, 2. D Smith, 3. H West; roses, 4 Hybrid Teas, mixed varieties: 1. D Smith, 2. P Hutchinson, 3. J Goodbody; roses, Floribunda: 1. D Smith; roses, 3 Hybrid Teas, different stages of development: 1. D Smith, 2. P Hutchinson, 3. E Pugsley; other cut flower, 1. D. Smith, 2. J Machin; stem of flowering climber, 1. J Goodbody, 2. E Pugsley, 3 D Stephenson; shrub foliage in flower, 1. L Fortune, 2. J Goodbody, 3. E Greenslade; asters, 1. M Priscott; cosmos grown from seed, 1 P Hutchinson, 2 V Still, 3. P McHardy; rudbeckias, 1. M Priscott, 2. E Greenslade; plant grown from cuttings, 1. P Hutchinson, 2. M Priscott, 3. J Machin.


Biggest and best, 1. E Greenslade, 2. E McHardy; foliage Plant or Fern, 1. D Smith, 2. Lindsay Fortune, 3. E Tucker; a pot plant that’s different, 1. L Fortune, 2 S Hutchinson, 3. E McHardy; fuchsia, 1. E Greenslade, 2 P Hutchinson; flowering house plant, 1. E Greenslade, 2. M Hummel, 3. P. Hutchinson.


Arrangement of 5 flowers with foliage, 1. H West, 2. B Anderson; Fresh as Air, 1. A Brice; Fireworks. 1. B Anderso, 2. A Brice; Cool Waters: 1. B Anderson, 2. H West, 2. A Brice; A Colourful Posy: 1. J Machin, 2. S Blagden, 3. H West.


Apples – desert: 1. C Greenhow, 2. S Biss, 3. A & G Banton; Apples – cooking: 1. P Ackland, 2. C Biss, 3. T Hoyle; Potatoes – coloured, 1. D Pywell; Potatoes – white: 1. M Priscott, 2. S Biss, 3. C Biss; Runner Beans: 1. S Biss, 2. C Biss, 3. E Pugsley; Onions grown from sets: 1. S Biss, 2. C Biss, 3. M Priscott; Onions grown from seed: 1. R Masters; Shallots: 1. S Biss, 2. C Biss; Shallots – pickling: 1. S Biss; Carrots – long, 1. D Pywell, 2 S Biss, 3 C Biss; Carrots – short: 1. S Biss, 2 M Anderson, 3 C Biss; Parsnips: 1. M Priscott; Beetroot: 1. M Hummel, 2. S Biss, 3. C Biss; Tomatoes – greenhouse grown, not cherry, 1. M Anderson, 2. R Masters, 3. T Hoyle; tomatoes – truss: 1. R Masters, 2. J Blagden; cabbage: 1. D Pywell; ‘Just a bit different’ Fruit or Vegetable, 1. E McHardy, 2. P.Hutchinson; 1,2,3 collection of vegetables, 1. S Biss, 2. D Pywell, 3. M Priscott; Any other Fruit, 1.T Hoyle, 2. P. Hutchinson, 3. C Greenhow; Any other Vegetable: 1. M Priscott, 2. V Still, 3. J Still; Mixed Vegetables in a trug: 1. M Priscott; Herb Display of Five varieties, 1. P McHardy, 2. V Still, 3. T Stephenson.


A loaf of Bread, 1. J Hoyle, 2. V Still; Bread Rolls, 1. V Still; Vegetable Quiche, 1. Lorna Fortune, 2. R Renfree, 3. S Ackland; Cheese Straws, 1. B Anderson, 2. R Renfree; Jelly in a Jar, 1. C Greenhow, 2. D Smith, 3. J Greenhow; Any Starter, 1. V Still, 2. Lorna Fortune, 3. J Hoyle; Brownies, 1. R Renfree, 2. S Ackland, 3. A & G Banton; Treacle Tart, 1. S Hutchinson, 2. J Hoyle, 3. P Adckland; Crème Brulee, 1. S Hutchinson; Home made Sweets, 1. S Hutchinson; home made Chutney, 1. Lindsay Fortune, 2. D Smith, 3. J Greenhow.


Vegetable Printing: 1. Hector Banton; A Playdough Model: 1. Hector Banton; A Sandwich. 1. Hector Banton; My Favourite….. in 5 lines or less, 1. Max Banton, 2. Amelia Banton; Make a Bookmark, 1. Amelia Banton, 2. Max Banton; Gingerbread persons, 1(joint). Amelia Banton & Max Banton.


Largest & smallest Tomato, 1. T Hoyle, 2. M Anderson, 3. R Masters; Best Bloom in my garden today, 1. E Pugsley, 2. L Fortune, 3. S Ackland; Best Vegetable in my garden today, 1. T Hoyle, 2. E McHardy, 3.S Ackland; Best Fruit in my garden today, 1. J Greenhow, 2. E McHardy; Limerick, 1. P Hennah, 2. Lindsay Fortune, 3. J Blagden; Village gardens, two photos, 1. Lindsay Fortune, 2. M Sadler, 3. V Gibbons; They came to visit, one photo, 1. M Sadler, 2. C Greenhow, 3. V Gibbons; Grown from seed or cutting, 1. E McHardy, 2. J Machin, 3. P Ackland; Biggest Onion, 1. R Masters, 2. P Hutchinson.