A PAINTING by Crediton artist Mackenzie Moulton, discovered under a pile of rubbish, has been officially donated to the Thames Police Association Museum in Wapping, London.

The painting, entitled ‘Silver Jubilee The Royal Salute at Greenwich’, was uncovered by the museum’s curator, John Joslin while clearing away excess exhibits.

After finding Mr Moulton’s signature on the back of the canvas, Mr Joslin contacted the Devon artist as he wanted to give it pride of place in the museum along with another of his paintings, a portrait of Lady Cynthia Stevens.

Mr Moulton said as far as he could remember it was a commission done for the then superintendent of the Thames division, Edward Allen.

On contacting Mr Allen, it was decided that the painting should be presented to the museum.

The museum is open to the public by appointment only most of the year but once a year there is an open day.

Mr Moulton who lives in Blagdon Terrace, is a member of the Newton St Cyrus Art Club.