MANY of us are familiar with alternative therapies, from reflexology to acupuncture and neuro-linguistic programming to transactional analysis.

The Lightning Process though was new to me.

Intrigued, I was keen to find out more. What conditions does it help? How does it work?

Like all holistic therapies, it doesn't concentrate on a single ailment.

The Lightning Process actually helps improve a whole range of conditions because it deals with 'body systems', both physical and neurological, and how they interact.

People suffering from all types of conditions have improved dramatically, from chronic fatigue syndrome (previously known as ME) or post-viral fatigue syndrome to digestive problems and depression.

So what exactly is The Lightning Process?

Importantly, it is a training programme rather than a treatment.

A three-day course introduces and puts into practice powerful techniques, which help students understand how the mind and body behave during and after trauma.

There is a physiological change in the brain, which goes into a kind of safe mode and with immunological conditions like CFS and PVFS the brain gets stuck there, believing that the body is still unwell.

With emotional conditions, like depression and over-eating, compensatory behaviours are triggered to help us cope.

In both cases, The Lightning Process retrains the brain to interrupt the automatic but destructive patterns and get things back on an even keel.

What's remarkable, is that illnesses which set in many years ago are overcome in a matter of three days.

Sound too good to be true?

With high profile endorsements from celebrities including TV presenter Ester Rantzen, rugby international Austin Healey and Olympic horsewoman Mary King, the Lightning Process could come across as the 'in thing', but listening to feedback from students, there is no question that unfulfilled lives are turned around.

With only 100 qualified trainer practitioners in the UK, it's great news that Jan Oakley has chosen to practice from The Terrace in Taunton starting with a three-day workshop on October 30 to November 1.

It was Jan herself who worked with Olympic athlete Mary King's teenage daughter to retrain her brain and trigger a speedy and complete recovery from CFS.


The Terrace's doors open on November 13 for our second open day supporting Taunton's St Margaret's Hospice.

Our generous therapists are giving their time for free so that all proceeds are donated to the deserving charity.

A range of treatments and therapies will be available on the day, all at the fabulous discounted rate of £25.

E-mail or call 01823-338968 to reserve a place.

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