A WOMAN living near Wellington is appealing for help to trace a car driver who collided with her horse.

Sam Derrick, of Ford Street, was out riding along Gerbestone Lane around 7.45pm on Thursday, Augusts 10, when she notices a silver 4x4 approaching her from the opposite direction.

Although Sam was fully visible and wearing a fluorescent vest, the driver continued on passed a passing point waving his arms for Sam to get out of the way or go back.

Although Sam couldn't move the driver kept coming at her and didn't slow down.

She said: "I moved my horse as far over to the hedge as I could but the 4x4 still hit her and on impact she span round so she was facing the same way as the car.

"To my horror the driver continued to drive forward driving into her back legs.

"My horse then instinctively kicked out at the car damaging the bumper, and maybe the bonnet, and she then galloped up the road with me, closely followed by the car."

Sam managed to stop and the car driver then got out and started shouting about how his car had been damaged.

When Sam tried to explain that he had driven straight at her he replied that was a load of rubbish.

The driver then collected the broken parts of his car and then got back in to his car to move out of the way of another car coming down the road.

But rather than stop and sort the issue out, the driver just kept on going.

Sam said: "The incident has been reported to police and they are taking this as a serious incident, so if anyone has any information could they please report it to police before this happens to someone else.

Police can be contacted on 0845-4567000.