A LANGPORT man has launched a campaign to try and great a united flag for the whole of Somerset.

Ed Woods has set up the website www.somersetflag.com to try and get a flag recognised for the county.

He wants to use the red dragon from the Somerset County Council flag, but without the mace, which is legal property of the council.

Mr Woods said: "I think a flag is of great interest in this county though as we are still divided up into three parts, so what was needed was a symbol to unite the country from Porlock to Portishead.

"I think that a lot of people are unaware that Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset are part of the county of Somerset, imagining them to be separate counties of a sort.

"Although not a part of the administrative county, they are still very much part of the historic and ceremonial county.

"The flag campaign puts much emphasis on this and seeks to foster a spirit of unity in the entire county, even if it remains divided."

Anyone wanting more information on Mr Wood's campaign should visit his website.