WEST Somerset, Sedgemoor and Somerset County Council have said they are concerned about a lack of ‘detailed information’ surrounding transport proposals for EDF Energy’s planned new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

In a report submitted to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) – which deals with large projects – the three councils also expressed concern over ‘the quality of the information that was consulted upon’ and a lack of ‘detailed evidence’ on ‘some topics’, a spokesperson for Somerset County Council said. But overall the councils were happy with the way in which EDF carried out its consultation activities.

Cllr David Hall, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said: “On the whole we believe EDF has carried out its consultation by following the necessary rules and regulations set out by Government.

“That said we do have some concerns, particularly regarding the lack of detailed information around transport proposals.

“We would encourage EDF to continue to engage with residents through the next phase of the process so that they are able to contribute during the IPC’s assessment of the application.”

EDF spokesman Gordon Bell said: “Our application submitted on October 31 includes detailed transport information, shaped by con sultation and significant engagement with local authorities.

“The IPC has up to 28 days to decide whether or not to accept the submission, after which time it becomes a live application.

“Until then, EDF Energy remains available to provide the IPC with any clarification that might be necessary.”

The IPC has until November 29 to decide whether to endorse EDF’s application.

If the planning application is validated by the IPC, the document will become publicly available so people can give their views in another public consultation.