AN independent Devon filmmaker has turned to alternative funding sources to help finance his latest short film - you.

'Tom', an emotional drama about loss and loneliness, is due to start shooting in Devon later this year.

But with government funding no longer available, filmmaker Tony Webber's plan is to raise £5,500 via crowdfunding, which relies on financial contributions from contributors.

Anyone who donates will be offered 'perks' based on the size of their contribution, which range from digital copies and DVDs/BluRays of the film to getting their name in the credits.

Contributed money will be spent on catering, accommodation, travel expenses, cast, crew, van hire, insurance, equipment hire and post-production.

Mr Webber said: “If 1000 were to read this article and each person contributed just £3, then that would raise £3,000 towards the budget, which would be fantastic.

“I'd also like to engage the services of a casting director and go after a cast of named actors. Raising the money would help me to do this.”

The story centres around Tom, a man in his 30s, taking his new girlfriend Emma to meet his parents for the first time. But there are unexpected twists along the way and the story spins off in a different direction before coming to an unexpected conclusion.

To contribute or for more information, visit