RENEWED plans to establish a ferry service linking Minehead to South Wales are making waves in the town.

Early proposals by a Minehead Town Council-based group suggest a dock would be built just north of the harbour around Culvercliffe to provide the link to Barry.

After several failed attempts in previous years to create a service, a £35,000 feasibility study into the idea to set it up is needed.

A special full town council meeting is set for next Wednesday (June 6) to gain permission to submit a bid for £15,000 funding from Local Action for Rural Communities on behalf of the authority.

A further £15,000 is expected to be provided by the Vale of Glamorgan Council, with the remaining £5,000 to be put up by outside bodies, or as a last resort, the town council itself.

Cllr John Clyde-Smith, who is part of the group which has prompted the latest investigation into a ferry link, is adamant the town would reap great rewards from it.

He said: “The reason I am so passionate about it is because I can see the huge benefits it could bring not just to Minehead but to the surrounding area.

“For a long time there have been moves to have a ferry here but they have been looking at a small-scale passenger ferry carrying 340 people. We realised that is far too small a number and we also think there should be room for cars, light commercial vehicles and caravans.

“To me it is an absolute no-brainer – lots of jobs and opportunities would come as a result of a ferry service being established. I have no doubt a feasibility study would conclude it would be beneficial to Minehead.

“Everyone I have spoken to is very positive although I know there is a small minority who are opposed to the plans. I think last time politics got in the way – I hope that doesn’t happen now.”

Mr Clyde-Smith would welcome West Somerset people’s reaction to the proposals and is contactable via email at or on 01643-704050.