OFFICIALS at Hinkley Point nuclear power statement have issued a statement ahead of planned protests tomorrow (Saturday) and Monday.

Anti-nuclear protestors are staging a rally in Bridgwater town centre on Saturday and will attempt to occupy part of the site on the Somerset coastline on Monday.

EDF Energy, which runs the existing Hinkley Point B and has applied to build a new nuclear power station at the site, said it is aware of the protests.

Nigel Cann, Hinkley Point C Construction Director, said: “We respect the rights of individuals to peaceful and lawful protest, however, we are also mindful of the pressure these events can place on the local community with whom we have strong links.

"Working alongside the relevant authorities, we have made efforts to minimise any potential impact on local residents while allowing the protesters who have travelled here today to have their say.

“We believe strongly that low-carbon nuclear has a vital role in maintaining UK electricity supplies in the future. As the Government has said, the UK continues to need new nuclear power.

We also greatly appreciate the support of the large majority of local residents who recognise the contribution we make to the area and the benefits that a new power station would bring to Somerset.

“Hinkley Point C is expected to generate a £100 million annual boost to the South West economy during construction and provide up to 25,000 jobs.

"EDF Energy has also committed £7.1 million to developing local skills and apprenticeships to help Somerset residents seize the employment opportunities that a project of this scale offers.”