A COMICS and collectables shop has held a place in the hearts of all fantasy fans in Taunton since 1980 and become deeply rooted in the town's culture.

Krackers, now in Bath Place, first opened in 1980 at the top of East Reach, but moved to its current location in the late 80s, replacing Bath Place Records.

The man at the helm of the business is 67-year-old Anthony Peach, who has worked at the shop since its opening 44 years ago, when it was run by his mother and brother.Somerset County Gazette: Outside Krackers, in Bath Place.Outside Krackers, in Bath Place. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

Anthony said that despite Krackers' long-term success, its secluded location means many locals are not aware of its existence.

"Lots of people don't know it's here," he said.

"They discover it, come in and go 'oh, this is great!'.

He explained how most of the local school kids knew about Krackers since its beginnings, mainly due to the popularity of Pokémon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Anthony jokingly described the shop as 'mum's favourite shop', but said that many parents who brought their kids to Krackers, then discovered the other brilliant businesses in Bath Place.

"People who find it (Bath Place) always come back," he said.

The store, which sells a huge array of collectables, comics, and games, attracts customers of all ages and endeavours to deliver a personable and friendly experience to anyone who walks through the doors.Somerset County Gazette: An enormous array of collectibles in the shop.An enormous array of collectibles in the shop. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

"One lady once said 'it was really nice to come in here because you don't treat me like a nitwit,'" Anthony said.

Some notable customers include a man in his 70s who has been coming in for regular comic orders since Krackers' beginnings, and others who first shopped there as children, and have since returned with their own kids.

Krackers' stock is ever-changing, and Anthony believes his loyal customer base and being a small business has helped to make this possible.

"We can adapt to what's coming out and really new," he said.Somerset County Gazette: A huge selection of comics are stocked at Krackers.A huge selection of comics are stocked at Krackers. (Image: Jamie Grover, Newsquest)

"We're small, and we're still going - we were the first (comic shop) in Taunton.

"People still like to come in and see stuff, and really like the shop."

The most loyal of customers may remember when Krackers housed arcade machines in-store, including a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine, which Anthony said was 'absurdly' popular.

The shop is currently hosting its 'Krazy Karpet Sale', which includes discounts from 15% on all stock.

"Come on down - it's mum's favourite shop," Anthony said.