PARENTS who want to adopt are being asked to consider fostering first by Devon County Council under new plans to reduce disruption for children in care.

Devon Adoption has introduced the ‘foster to adopt’ scheme to protect these children from experiencing multiple moves within the care system and provide them with good quality care, while the court decides on the plan for their permanent care.

Cllr James McInnes, Devon County Council’s cabinet member responsible for Devon Adoption, said: “We appreciate that what we are asking isn’t easy.

“Fostering to adopt requires a strong commitment and emotional resilience and willingness to be able to offer a child a loving and nurturing home whilst living with the uncertainty that the child may be returned to their birth family.

"But the rewards are immeasurable.

"There is the immense satisfaction of providing stability and security for a child at the early stage of their development, with the possibility of them becoming their legally adopted child."

Devon couple Rachel and Ben are almost at the end of their journey to adopt journey to adopt 26-week-old Chloe.

They said: “We are so blessed to have our family completed with our beautiful Chloe, it has been a long journey but was worth all of the ups and downs.

"Foster to adopt is by no means an easy option. You need to be resilient, adaptable and open.

"It seems to go on forever, but it has all worked out brilliantly for us and for Chloe.”

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