A SPECIAL summer fun day was held in Tiverton to celebrate recovery and community.

The Secret Garden Gathering was organised by service users, peer supporters and volunteers from RISE Recovery.

RISE Recovery provides support for people affected by their own or someone else’s alcohol or drug use.

The fete-style party was hosted at the RISE centre in Chinon Court, Tiverton, and included live music, a BBQ, an art gallery, games, a cake baking competition and more.

The day was open to family, friends, children, dogs and members of the community.

Partner organisations attended including Hidden Gems, which ran jewellery-making demonstrations, Trilll Farm and Mental Health services.

Kevin Marshall from RISE Recovery said: “It’s very much a celebration of recovery, to break down stigma and bring the community together.

"Issues with alcohol or drugs can affect people from all walks of life and we want to send the message loud and clear that recovery is here, available and something very much to be proud of.”

The new outside garden area at RISE Tiverton was set up thanks to some money left to the organisation by a former client and much-loved volunteer who died from cancer.