PEOPLE in Devon have seized the opportunity to be involved in the decision on where community hospital beds could be located in future with places at forthcoming consultation events being snapped up.

And anyone who is planning to attend who has not already booked is being urged to register to guarantee a place.

Your Future Care is a public consultation by NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS NEW Devon CCG) to provide care and support at home and in the community for the elderly and frail, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting a faster return home.

The model of care will reduce the need for community hospital beds and we are consulting the public on where the remaining beds should be located.

The proposed changes build on improvements that have already begun.

In North Devon, excellent progress has been made in providing care for patients at home.

A series of public consultation events starts next week, with two events in Tiverton on Monday, November 14.

Both are at New Hall in Barrington Street, with the first running 10am - 12.30pm followed by a second 1.30pm - 4pm.

The proposals have been given full support by a range of clinical staff, including Alex Degan, a GP in Morchard Bishop, Mid Devon.

“I frequently see patients who could be looked after safely at home, but I can't reliably access the services needed to allow this to happen.

“Developing a new model of care gives us an opportunity to solve this and will lead to a better experience for patients.

“Patients have been telling us for years that they often have poor experiences when their care is handed from one organisation to another.

“We have a real opportunity to address this by developing joined-up services that provide patients with better health and social care.”

To manage demand for places and ensure that everyone who wants to attend can, people are asked to register by telephoning 01392 267642 or emailing

Those who have registered will be guaranteed a place.

Where there is demand, further meetings will be organised.

The Your Future Care consultation document is available on the CCG’s website here where there is also a summary of the proposals.