Protesters who used locks and superglue as part of a anti-nuclear protest outside the naval base at Devonport have been charged by police.

Robert Larkin, age 50 of Helensburgh, Janet Fenton, age 63 of Biggar, Lanarkshire and Sylvia Boyes, age 67 of Keighley, West Yorkshire, have been charged with the wilful obstruction of a highway.

David Jesse, age 28 of Taunton and Theodore Simon, age 52 of Shepton Mallet have been charged with failing to comply with conditions imposed on a public assembly.

All are due to appear at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court on November 11.

A 21 year old woman from Greenbank, Plymouth, a 36 year old woman from Cromer, Norfolk, a 43 year old woman from Lowestoft, Suffolk, a woman from Bridport, Dorset and a 45 year old man from Chippenham, Wiltshire have been bailed for the offence of aggravated trespass.

Protestors gathered early on Monday morning,and staged a series of protests at some of the gates leading into the base.

Nine protesters secured themselves using lock-on devices outside Albert Gate. These people were removed after a period of time by MOD police.

Some protesters at Camels Head Gate parked a car across the entrance to the north access road, off the main road junction, where two women secured themselves again using lock-on devices.

Three more used lock-on tubes to lie down and obstruct the north access road exit onto the main road. A further five glued themselves together at the same junction.

Inspector Steve Bickley, Plymouth operations inspector for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Our role, supporting MOD police, was to allow the protesters to legally protest and to safely remove those protesters who breach the law, such as those obstructing a public highway, stopping the flow of traffic.

“As a result of the protester activity, significant disruption was caused to the flow of traffic in the dockyard area during the morning rush hour and all roads were clear by 10.30am.

“Policing public order type incidents are always challenging for the police and we have officers who are highly trained to deal with different scenarios.

Allowing lawful public protest and keeping the public safe while balancing that with having to deal with the unexpected are a key part of modern policing. This is an area where Devon and Cornwall has some very experienced and highly trained officers.”

More than 100 people took part in the demonstration on Monday morning.

The protest was organised by campaign group Trident Ploughshares which is opposed to the UK's Trident nuclear weapons' system.