THEY have been the subject of speculation for decades, with sightings written about and recounted by dozens of people.

Mysterious orbs of light, often sighted at spiritually important sites, which circle those who see them, or play independently, before disappearing before they can be documented.

Paul Devereux, a director of the Dragon Project Trust, has written of his own encounters with the mysterious orbs, and wrote that 'Earth lights' "are or were known to traditional and ancient peoples: they were fairies to the Irish and other Celtic peoples, though also harbingers of death known as ‘corpse candles’ to the Welsh..."

Now, it is claimed the orbs have been caught on camera for the first time - in Somerset.

Spiritual healer and medium/psychic Michelle Donnelly was visiting Glastonbury earlier this year with her daughter, artist Charlotte Oliver, and her son-in-law.

"We make many visits to Glastonbury each year as it's known as a legendary spiritual place, with many spiritual experiences," said Michelle, 52.

"We have read and heard many times about coloured orbs/balls of light that have been seen and documented hovering around the top of Glastonbury Tor but there has never been photographic evidence.

"We were talking about this to my son in law on our journey to Glastonbury that day as it was his first time."

Little did the party know that they were about to experience them for themselves...

"After some time on top of Tor, just before we were about to walk back myself and my daughter sensed a change of energy and that’s when I looked up and spotted the bright green orbs/balls of light for the first time," Michelle said.

"I then told my daughter to quickly take some pictures. She quickly took eight pictures using her ‘Live photo’ on her iPhone.

"This is when we were surprised to find that we had finally captured this amazing phenomenon that has been spoken about for years.

"Since then we have looked even more into this and still not found any photographic evidence, but many people have seen these lights and documented them online and in books.

"As there are thousands of people who visit Glastonbury Tor each year and these lights have been spoken about for many years, with many trying to capture photographic evidence, we know that these pictures are very special and people would love to see these pictures for proof that they exist."

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